Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visual Basic Programs Lists With output

LIST of visual basic (VB) Programs with output.

1. WAP procedure to convert name in abbreviation.

2. WAP in VB to calculator.

3. WAP to make use of AND and OR operator.

4. WAP to arrange each row in descending order throw grid control.

5. WAP to check given number is palindrome or not by using form.

6. WAP for developing paint brush in VB.

7. WAP for displaying all Prime numbers.

8. WAP in which integer number is entered by the user and its table is printed on form.

9. WAP to add text in a list and remove it from the list and to clear the list.

10. WAP in which by moving the horizontal scroll bar the color of the font ranges and each of three horizontal scroll bar represent red, blue, green colors by using RGB built in function.

11. WAP to print the factorial of any number.

12. WAP for generating Fibonacci series.

13. WAP for making a combo box which contains the country names and shows the capital for corresponding country in another combo box.

14. WAP to check whether the given number is even or odd.

15. WAP to find the greatest number among three numbers.

16. WAP to find the simple interest.

17. WAP to show your personal profile on the form.

18. WAP to find the length of entered text.

19. WAP to find the sum, average, division using command buttons.

20. WAP in VB to read the string first and find the reverse string and delete all the vowels.

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