Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Small Dreams

Today i will disclose you about my small dream about me which i want to be do in future for our world and country ........

As all people i have also some dreams about me and for my country which i want to do in future but i don't know when it comes to true. But there is no tax on dream so i have dream like for my carer, for my family, for my friend and last but not the least about my girlfriend but today i will tell you about my country dreams.

I want to do something for my society, country, world, and for my environment। I want to become the rich person so that i can help those people who have no money for there food, cloths & home. For those who have no idea about the whole world that where they exist in the world, who have no idea about what is good for them, for those who lost there own family, for those who have no money to full fill there family need, for those who have no own address, for those who don't have the things to lose because they have nothing, for those people who have no any job to do, for those others who have also the dream to become the richest person of the world.

But to true this dreams i need not only to become the richest person but i must have the community so that i can make my dreams into true. Community means the support of the other persons, friends and family because as we know "अकेला चना भार नहीं फोरता " but i also believe that "एक एक बूंद से ही तालाब भरता हैं ".

Its may be possible as you read this blog you have also some thought about some issues. If you have then share with me so that i can feel that in future our dreams becomes true.

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  1. I wish you that your dreams comes true because koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota use hame perfect banana padta hein aur jo tum dream dekh rehy ho wo country ko perfect banane ke liye hein